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Kangume Prince Pickton

Ababet is a sports betting company in Uganda that provides the best betting platforms both online and offline. We focus on offering the best experience in the betting world that is fast, convenient, safe, user friendly, cost effective, instant payments and customer satisfaction being our core value.
With our online platforms, we have managed to penetrate all parts the country and beyond which has earned us the pillar of being the most reliable and trusted betting company countrywide.
 As a sports betting company, we appreciate and support any form of sport. Our core value is to see the sports industry grow into amore recognizable activity especially in our country, and through CRS we have over the years worked and partnered with several companies with whom we share the same interest to achieve this goal.
In this we consider reaching out through different avenues for example offering direct and indirect financial support, sharing guidelines on how to grow a given sport/brand and through this initiative we also aim at growing not just the sport but also the surrounding communities both socially and economically.
But for all this to be successful, it takes a united force with a will to give its best.
Rattan Tata quotes “if you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want to walk far walk together”
It is in this believe that we as Ababet chose to identify with Onduparaka FC basing on the similar story of our background and heart to give reflecting on the quote
“when GOD raises you financially, don’t raise your standard of living but your standard of giving”.
Therefore we decided to give back through Onduparaka FC hoping and believing that this will help raise its standards as a team and the community as well, that way helping grow the sports industry in the country and beyond.
In God we trust.
Kangume Prince Pickton – Public Relations/Marketing and communications